Make time for a walk

You’re just too busy. You know you should probably do more exercise, but can somehow never quite find the time.


This very simple tool, MattSaysWalk,  is designed to help you find the time in your busy schedule to go for a walk.

It won’t pressure you, it won’t market you, it won’t track you in any way at all*.

The only commitment you’re making is to set some reminders to yourself, using the electronic diary or calendar you already use every day (and they won’t even start for 2 weeks). You can move them around as needed, or just cancel what you can’t fit in that week.

Why not give it a go? You’ll only have yourself to thank when it works.

All it requires is a single answer to one simple question:

I generally prefer walks in the…

You can customise the times and dates as you like in your calendar for particular days, and move any event just like any other in your calendar.

*No user location data is logged by the MattSaysWalk service.