Additional work to be done

A number of things that could be done to help improve / ease the use of / increase the beneficial impact of the tool:

1) More device testing is required.

2) Downloadable PDF poster for pharmacies to print off and put up in their windows: (minor) positive reinforcement for when people using MattSaysWalk do walk past their pharmacy, and a low cost way to help promote the app – and the benefits of physical activity – more generally.

3) Link into NHS Choices “Couch to 5k” programme: providing a further / additional ‘challenge’ to those who want to do more, having ‘broken their duck’ and established some (regular) physical activity.

4) Some functionality or text (e.g. some questions for people to consider) to help people plan or design their walks better over time, e.g. which walks in their area have been more enjoyable?